Sunday, 31 October 2010

2 IN1

Quick update, yesterday I traded the St Johnstone and Celtic 0-2 scoreline pre-match ended up £1.37 on all scores. Then I went out to watch Man Utd game, what goal from Nani- not, but they all count.

Notjing much today due to feeling rough from last night, but still managed £1.10 in Bolton and Liverpool game.

Going to add £10 to my bank to get it going a bit more.

Betfair balance now £48.03

Friday, 29 October 2010

A Better Day

I started off with a back of 2-0 in the bayern v freiburg game @7.8 for £33 the price yo-yo'd up and down between 7.6 and 8.0 and I had my bank match twice over and ended up £1.68 before KO, so that's OK there.

Traded a few horse races using 10% of my bank as stake, made a good amount based on staking levels, had a good drift on one where I did ok, in the end I made £1.24 over four races.

In between horse races I was going to trade the current score at HT whistle but inter scored in the last minute of time added on and prices went haywire before the whistle was blown and I only ended up making 22p.

All in all a good day to keep my focus and motivation, wont have time tomorrow as I am working tomorrow morning then off out to watch Man Utd at Old Trafford for the tea time KO- may have a look at the correct score in real time from my phone and try and a £1 or so.

Total profit for the day £3.15 or nearly 10% increase in bank today, good stuff,

So that's it until next time

PS my trading on correct scores through the is done through my Nokia N96 on Betfair mobile- does anyone know any better betfair app for Nokia. Thanks

Thursday, 28 October 2010

OK for today, not exactly retiring on it though

At least I didn't lose today, but its not like I am going to make million doing this either. Firstly I backed 1-1 in the Osasuna v Deportivo game @ 8 for £31 and placed lays as the back was taken, then once the lays were taken I simply re-backed the 8.0 with my bank and cycled a bit more of my money, ended up pre match for a grand total of 45p.

Since I got home from work I have scalped the 1950 at Wolverhampton race for another massive profit of 12p and further 9p in the 2020 race

These figures are not much to motivate myself and will lead to frustration and boredom setting in, so to combat this I have decided that I will make a target for increasing the bank by 3% but will not religiously stick to this, if the opportunities are there then I will take them, if not then tomorrow is another day, as well as this I am going to add £10 per week to my betfair account every Friday, I see that this will help keep my focus and discipline as I try to increase my bank and I reckon I will be at around £500 at the end of the year.

I didn't want to turn this into another £0 to wherever target chasing blog, but just thought I would share my thoughts about being on betfair with a small starting bank, it is hard maintaining discipline, fighting the greed inside and trying not rush.

The last point there being a major factor in my trading experience as I am pretty good at over trading and ending with myself sprinting and ending up losing as I would find myself staking with higher levels than I am used to and get into a losing position and be caught in the head lights freeze and lose the lot, chase it and be on a downwards spiral until I am back near zero bank and start again promising myself this time it would be different.

Anyway end of explanation and take forward my combined profit of 66p or 2% which isn't bad I suppose.

New bank £32.38

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Drifting score lines

I backed man Utd in the Carling cup winners market straight after the final whistle for £34 but only got £10 matched and it instantly went down by 0.3 and I looked at the market and decided it was spread a bit thin so I hedge it and I now have 75p on who ever wins the Carling cup. Not bad as a trial run but maybe I will try it on markets that have more money in them.

So with my bank I decided to back 1-1 in the villa game @ 8.6 for £34 had a little bit backed and put in my lay bet @ 8.4 but I shouldn't have bothered as it went on an almighty drift to11.0 before KO, redded that up to have a loss on all scores of £7.27 but then backed the 0-0 in minutes before HT and now the deficit is only £3.23, so happy with myself to have quit my losses before KO but annoyed that I went on and gambled my bank to get the red down, as a goal would have seen me lose the lot.

Bank is now £31.71

Never mind tomorrow is a new day and I wont dwell on my poor result.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Carling cup

A few scalps of the correct score market, with Man Utd and Wolves, from what I can see on BBC sport it sounds like a poor game, but never mind what ever score it finishes I will be £1.65 better off.

If man Utd go through to the next round, I am going to back them in the Cup winners market as no other favourites play until tomorrow and any of those fail to win then man Utd's odds will shorten quite a lot I think. It comes down to order of play and this can be used in league games for example where the top of the league is playing Saturday lunch time for example and the next two teams are playing later in the weekend. The same principle applies.

Bank at the end of today £34.95

Monday, 25 October 2010

Cardiff pays out early

Three 2nd half goals from Cardiff see my 2 tick scalp of 0-1 at ht payout for £1.32 profit for today.

Already paid out before game finished.

Now backed 2-0 in Man Utd v Wolves tomorrow @7.8 and will put in lay at 7.6 soon as it starts to get matched.

Slight mistake in my figures as P&L net of commission wasn't ticked so its a few pennies different to yesterday.

New bank £33.30.

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Stoke v Man Utd 0-2 moved my lay bet to 8.8 as the money was building, so I moved it this morning, made 2% of bank or 66p, depends how you want to see it, anyway its green at the end of the day. Little and Often we are always told. Onto the scalping of current score at HT in between races and made another 61p. So £1.27 or 4% altogether.

Horse race trading on a Sunday doesn't seem very fluid prices are jumpy and all over the place, gave up after an hour or so. A few losses and handled them ok, didn't go in-play which is more important total profit on horses 54p.

So profit for the day £1.81

Bank carry forward £32.03

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Day one

Hello, technically this is not my first day I have had a betfair account for about four years, started off matched betting, making a few quid paid for a holiday for me the wife and two kids from it. from there I went onto blindly laying second favs on horses- soon realised that is a quick route to the poor house. Have done footy then got in too deep with liability and lost big time on a game, lost heart and gone back to horse trading, then done the same cycle a few times over always increasing my bank to a good level (£200+) and then blowing it all.

Once you start typing it all comes out, so I may as well carry on for now. Horse trading looks so easy from the outside lay low back higher, so they say except when its moving at 1000mph (not quiet that fast), so at the moment I am purely scalping the market with The geeks toy, with a three ladder set-up. I adjust my stakes to 10% of my bank and off we go. In the beginning I am faced with the challenge of maintaining concentration because when you have scalped a price and then green up for 7p it leads you to question if it is worth it at all. Today I made £2.89 on horse trading so it does add up and I try and get more than one scalp per race, but find myself being cautious once in profit and that I trade best when I am coming back from a red position. I will not lie and say that I never go inplay, because that would only happen in ideal world, that leads me to where I always come undone- allowing a lay to go inplay and then next thing you are back at square one- you could say its like the world biggest game of snakes and ladders.

I also have an interest in football, but for the moment I only back correct scores pre match and on the HT whistle as you always get a tick move there. Today's profit- £4.57

New bank balance £30.22 

For info I have just backed 0-2 in Stoke v Man Utd for £29 @9.0 lay bet in @8.6 and will green/red up before KO tomorrow.

I could go on but I think thats enough for an opening post, so see you next time