Saturday, 26 November 2011

We trade Betfair?

We trade betfair? You would normally answer YES but not at the moment as it seems the API is playing up- for me anyway, but never mind its a good day so far, so will take that for a nice return, nah one last check and althought the site is working the geeks toy is not.

After last Saturdays reality TV trading, I will defiantly be scalping a bit through the songs on the X Factor.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Good weekends trading- x factor style

Yeah traded good style this weekend, traded the horses as usual and also some football, but a special bonus of £7 came from trading X factor back and laying through the odds as each act performed so will  have that when it finishes, but most of all it was the £87 across three days that has spurred me on now back to where I was in the summer, when I was able to make £100 per week. Happy days as they say.

My Chelsea v Liverpool trade was on CS, so I scalped the 0-0 pre KO and had £50 on 0-0, I then backed 2-1    1-1 1-2 2-2 for £5 each and soon as the first goal went in I greened up for £12 on any score, but then layed 0-1 to £0 and that up my profit by a few quid, at 1-1 I layed it late on just before the goal for me to finish with £19 on  any score but layed 1-2 after Glen Johnson scored for £10 at 1.2 so ended on £17 green, very happy with not much effort.

My freinds

Hi one of my friends is trying to make a christmas song make it to No1 this year, he wants I wish it could be christmas everyday please help him out if you can. Cheers guys


Monday, 14 November 2011

Good days follow up

Well as they said I've had my loses refunded and some cash back as well. Well chuffed cos I followed that up with a game of DOND with a £10 promotion offer, I played for £10 stakes and cashed out for £9.20 so I lost 80p for a free £10 game so as long as I win more than 80p its all good, roll on Friday.

So the mindset was positive and so was the results of the day, it truly feels like I having stopped, it was a long break and I enjoyed not trading, but with so much happening at home it wasn't an option but now our home is nearly in order and I can my days off to make some cash on sports trading.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

£20 Free Insurance

I got a phone call from Betfair CS last Wednesday to offer me a £20 free bet offer, they basically offered to refund any losing bets I had for the next five days, I started on the offer yesterday afternoon by laying horses for up to £20 liability and greening them up In running, knowing that even if the horse went on to win I would get my money back (result). I greened up to enable me to keep taking advantage of the refund offer. I also did a few football matches. This morning  I set up a multiple  for £17- it was an acca of 5 horses and then layed them all on the individual race markets, moved onto Morecombe and Shef wed for a bit more profit.

From a £20 bank yesterday I have made £68.20 with a further £18.80 to be refunded from the offer, really impressed with the weekend, so what a way to get back into it