Sunday, 13 November 2011

£20 Free Insurance

I got a phone call from Betfair CS last Wednesday to offer me a £20 free bet offer, they basically offered to refund any losing bets I had for the next five days, I started on the offer yesterday afternoon by laying horses for up to £20 liability and greening them up In running, knowing that even if the horse went on to win I would get my money back (result). I greened up to enable me to keep taking advantage of the refund offer. I also did a few football matches. This morning  I set up a multiple  for £17- it was an acca of 5 horses and then layed them all on the individual race markets, moved onto Morecombe and Shef wed for a bit more profit.

From a £20 bank yesterday I have made £68.20 with a further £18.80 to be refunded from the offer, really impressed with the weekend, so what a way to get back into it

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