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"Betfair Insider Steals £582 Per Day With
Revolutionary New Trading System..."

Frustrated Betfair Profiteer,

Have you ever felt that it's impossible to make good money from Betfair?

Well, I'm here to tell you that it is possible - but only if you abandon everything you know about horse racing and Betfair and swipe a proven system that 99% of punters don't know about.

It took me 4 years to say it, but...

I'm ready to show you an easy and unique Betfair trading system, proven to generate as much as £450 in 60 minutes, a rapid £260.01 or even £2,551.10 in four days.

In fact, you'll have to abandon all the lies you've been fed about Betfair: backing, laying, form cards and losing trades.

Because I'm going to show you a REAL way to start profiting with the betting exchanges.

A time-proven system for making extraordinary sums of money... one which I've adapted, fine-tuned and perfected for the Betfair markets of 2009.

With my new, discovery, you'll make only a handful of smart trades. And you'll never need to worry about losing your shirt on a single bad bet.

The great news is, my method has been refined and redesigned for Betfair punters with very little starting capital and full-time jobs.

In a moment I will explain exactly how I developed this new approach to Betfair...

But first, let me see if we are on the same page here...

Do you want to make sneaky, anonymous Betfair raids and siphon off upto £940 per day from the world's biggest betting exchange?
Are you sick of the gambling gurus' systems and tipster services - that sound great and then wipe out all of your profits with a single losing bet...
Have you ever wondered whether you are ever going to profit from betting - or is it all just a scam where only the bookies profit?

Well if you answered yes to any of those... I have some incredible news for you...
For the last few years, I've been working on the ultimate Betfair system - now I want to "spoon-feed" you this inside information so you can copy my success...

You see, it's taken me almost 5 years to say it, but I've developed a revolutionary Betfair trading system, based on my own experiences and those of over 4,000 real-life Betfair traders,...

Incredible Betfair System Snatches
£2,551 From "Hidden Cash Mountain..."

Here's How You Can Snatch Massive Gains For Yourself...

My low-capital Betfair trading system...

• Fits in perfectly with your 9-5 - and can generate profits from a starting bank as small as £25 - you choose how you much you want to make and when.

• Is proven to make rapid cash gains - because it includes multiple systems that take advantage of different markets on Betfair - you pick the opportunity, select your "weapon" of choice, and siphon off your daily tax-free profits. It's as simple as that

• Can be slotted 22 hours a day - whenever you choose, allowing you to quickly make sneaky "Betfair raids" at a time that suits your personal situation

• A complete "no brainer" way to siphon off an easy second income with Betfair - no fancy jargon, no complicated form data to anaylse.

• Prove it to yourself 100% risk free - you can paper trade the system first to test it out and if you don't like it or it doesn't do everything we say it does you get your money back, no questions asked.

In fact, you'll need to forget everything you've heard about betting systems...

Risk-Free £140, £328, Even £450

" 4,000 Students, The Secret to Betfair Success ..."

My name is Chris and I have trained up over 4,000 Betfair Punters over the years, beginner and Betfair pro's alike - using my famed Easy Trader Pro System.

Through my EasyTrader site, I have interacted with thousands of punters, allowing me to refine my methods and constantly distil what works on Betfair and why.

In short, I understand better than anyone what stands between you and a consistent second income from Betfair.

Experience has taught me a few very important things about Betfair (stuff that 90% of punters aren't privvy to) - so when I say I've discovered the ultimate Betfair opportunity, you should listen closely...

Introducing Betfair...
The £5 Million / Day Goldmine...

Betfair launched in 2000 and is the largest betting exchange in the world - it averages in excess of £5 million transactions daily.

You place bets anonymously with other people on anything from Big Brother to mainstream sports and horse betting.

You get better odds than traditional bookmakers and you can bet right up to the last minute.

And you don't have to worry about Betfair closing your account if you have too many winners or spreading your bets across different bookies..

Betfair makes their money from commissions so it's in their interest to keep your account 'live'.

In short, Betfair represents a provides opportunity for the smart betting profiteers to profit...

But you need a edge if you want to really make a killing with the site, and that's where I come in...

Why 99% Of Betfair Profiteers Fail
(And My System Changes The Game)...

I've waited 4 years to write this letter...

You see, that's how long it's taken me to find a trading tactic which safely and consistently pulls in the cash... and can be used so that others can easily swipe and profit on a massive scale.

It doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch or an experienced trader who hasn't had the success you're looking for...

I'm certain you'll be amazed by how quickly you're able to make profitable trades.

So, how do I know without a shadow of a doubt, that my plug 'n play methods absolutely blows any other 'system' out there completely out of the water?


Because It Solves Every Single Problem
You're Currently Having With Betfair...

STOP and ask yourself...

• Why accept a laying system that "scalps" tiny profits and then loses it all with a single bad trade?

• Why try to get by with some backing system, that supposedly picks false favourites - but just leaves you with a negative balance and more frustration?

• Why would you want to sit around all day studying form data? Why experience the stress that is normally involved in the "ups and downs" of gambling?

• Why use the worthless systems that 90% of gamblers use (and lose money with)?

I feel your pain... and I learned the hard way that the most successful Betfair systems are the ones that are based around trading and not gambling.

No way around it. I GUARANTEE you, you will learn this as I did after many years of being on the exchanges.

My simple formula is a reflection of what I learned throughout a long period of trial and error...

The Outcome Was Inevitable...

• A consistently PROFITABLE approach - capable of pulling in £450 from an "unknown" Betfair market or a risk-free £167..

• A deadly accurate, revised and fully up-to-date trading approach - designed to pull in maximum profits in the changing markets of 2009.

• The first EVER trading system proven to pull in profits in the high liquidity horse racing markets, the soccer markets... or even smaller sports such as rugby or cricket. It doesn't matter, ETP2 conquers all...

And what really makes this approach unique is its raw profitability.

Remember, this system is proven to make massive gains - as much as £2,500 in a few days.

In short, it's an easy and simple process for you to pull in a consistent second income - leaving you to get on with your day and your life and still make make money trading Betfair...

PROOF: £936 In 2 Days...

This Changes The Way The Betfair Game Is Played In 2009

I know you will be shocked at how quickly the results flow once you clone my proven system. I know this for a fact for one reason: because I speak from years of experience...

Understand: my revolutionary methods break the mold and allow you to...
Profit easily - even if you have a full-time job, little patience and even less time.
Profit when you choose - bet with markets that are open during the weekend and weeknights too so you can work it around your day job.
Swipe a winning Betfair formula - the system is already proven to generate massive cash windfalls - of upto £500 per day.
Follow a simple step-by-step blueprint - a system developed specifically for complete newbies and those who have already had their fingers burnt...

Easy Trader Pro 2

• The Only Betfair System Designed For 9 to 5'ers - 6 systems, over a dozen markets... choose when and how you profit

• Test The System Without Risking A Cent - fully test the formula, risk-free for 8 weeks - see the profitability yourself

• PROVEN Success - ETP2 is proven to raid Betfair for massive gains like £260 from horse racing and an easy £328 in just an hour

Proof: £81.43 From One Football Trade

"From Betfair No-Hoper to £900/Day...
And Here's How I Did It..."

I was once like you...

I know first hand how you feel because it happened to me and many times over. When I was starting out, just like you I fell for all those empty promises and "can't possibly fail" systems. I signed up to every tipster service going, bought dozens of e-books and systems - and still got nowhere..

You bet. I was tired and broke and trapped in a crappy, going nowhere job.

I knew there had to be a way, I knew I should be making easy money from racing betting but I just couldn't get it to work for me.

I bought dozens of books and signed up to every tipping and betting service out there.

I studied the formulas for hours, scowering the internet for tips and tricks and signing up to god knows how many forums. In fact, my shelves are filled with all these 'so called' systems that never got me anywhere except further into debt.

I was sick, I was tired but I kept on returning to Betfair because I knew there was tons of money to be made if you knew what to do and had the right system to follow.

In fact, most of these so called 'systems' just don't work.

Either the systems are just too complicated to understand and 'get your head around' or else you have to spend all day in front of a pc - which is a complete 'non starter' if you have a day job and that's all presuming you can cough up the usual £500 starting bank! Who's got a spare £500 lying around?

It still took me months, but eventually, through trial and error and testing, testing,testing I discovered a complete blueprint for profiting from Betfair .

Not the usual techniques you hear about and certainly not the crap you read about in other betting packages that promise you the moon and deliver just more losses. Soon after, my Easy Trader System was launched... and the rest, as they say, is history:)

4,100 Copies Later and Fast forward to 2009 and I discovered a secret weapon, a man I simply call "the Betfair insider""...

"Live Video: The Betfair Insider..."

Click The Image To Watch The Easy Trader Video

"The Formula For "Stealing" From The £100-200 / Day Betfair Punters, The One "They" Won't Talk About..."

While Backing & Laying Systems Bleed Out Your Cash With
A Single Losing Bet, Easy Trading Equals Consistent Gains...

After massive demand, I have designed a system for those who want to start profiting from the exhanges from the 'get go' - without the risk and pain involved with other betting systems.

And following on from the success of my Easy Trader Pro I have delved even deeper to provide you with a collection of new, unique and super-profitable "mini systems" so that you can trade in a massive cross-section of markets, and using over a dozen different approaches..

This flexibility makes this possibly the greatest system ever released on Betfair. - The Bonus King