Monday, 30 April 2012

Record breaker

I'm not sure if Norris Mcwhirter is coming round, but I have just completed my biggest ever trade, I could see the down side wasn't much as the horse was trading at 1.16 and looked where the money had been matched and thought this horse is only going one way- upwards, and so it did, I did this trade the amounts waiting to trade were massive so even if it moved it was only going to be one tick or so.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Redknapp has flipped

I was listen to Matt Finnigans latest podcast over the weekend and this linked to the story I've just read on eurosport, seems that Roy Hodgson has traded places with Harry in the next England Managers market, if only we would have got on sooner eh, Pearcy is out to 36 when he was as low as 5's and Roy is now odds on at 1.4 where as Harry has traded even lower in the past, seems like there are opportunities everywhere to make money on betfair, but lets just try and specialise in a few.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Decisions. Decisions

Too much choice of sport today, Football or F1 and the Marathon has been on already this morning, but to be honest I think anyone watching the Grand Prix is surely going to be left with blood on their TV remotes as we are only endorsing the issues going on in Bahrain, saying that I don't remember anybody speaking in relation to Chinas human rights record last week when it was in Shanghai, so each to their own.

Man Utd could virtually seal the League to day if they win and  City Fail to do so, as I dont think we'll see Man Utd drop many more points, except I dont really see them getting a result the 'PrettySad' stadium next week, but thats why we play a league but saying that we beat them in the FA Cup aswell. May try and squeeze in a few horse races just to keep the bank roll- rolling along. Until next time, see ya.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Olympics pfft its all about the Jubilee

I took the day off work today to catch up on some college work, however I gave up once the racing had started and opted for some horse race scalping, and come the 1445 race, I haven't wrote the track name down but the horse was called Jubilee games and it forms a turning point in my trading, the reason being is that I have always traded along the lines of badgers videos, where its like a three sided see-saw and if one goes down then one of the other ladders must go up, but today instead just trading the upwards moving ladder I also traded downwards, I took on board a bit info that I'd learn't from Matt Finnigan's podcasts, where he tells us if the horse isn't going one way then it must going the other, its a 50/50 shot, after a getting few scalps in the bag I had built a buffer where the scalp could go wrong and I was still in profit, this made a more relaxed scalper out of me and resulted in a good profit for me.
 Excellent lesson learn't today.

Daily profit £19.12 with evening races to go but will jack it in shortly as I want to watch the Champions League lesson for Chelsea

Monday, 16 April 2012

What evening racing?

It appears that I got the dates wrong, when I said last week that we would have Racing every evening from now on, at least the meetings through the day are starting later and therefore obviously finishing later, it did give me an opportunity to trade a few races after work. No millionaires being created here, but not to be sniffed at, six races traded and nearly £8 profit, more than £200 a month if you could do that every day for an hour or so.

click to enlarge

I am still learning the ropes- mentally, and it gives great encouragement to myself and hopefully others who are starting out, that turning a profit from a few races a day will bring you cash in the long run.

Back tomorrow for more of the same? Ooh yes please.

Good Luck

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Aintree review

I decided not to have an out right bet on any horse, but I decided to lay the field, I did make a green book, I set my odds at 3.9 with stakes of £2 I had four horses matched but looking back I think I had set the odds too low and next will go for somewhere around 6's as more horse traded there and would have made a better book for me.

I've just come back to write the rest of this post, earlier I would of said how I lost the works sweepstake on Synchronised but now its just RIP.

Scoop6 14 April 2012

There was no winner of the Scoop6 last Saturday. That is great news for you as the Win fund will start off this Saturday with £137,687 rolled over from last week and the Bonus fund starts at £594,202. Both these totals will grow rapidly as more stakes are placed but they are guaranteed to be worth at least £250,000 for the win fund and £750,000 in the Bonus.
Therefore a single winner of the Win and Bonus Funds would scoop at least£1 MILLION!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Little fish in the big sea

The title of today's post, I am referring to the fact that when trading today on the Aintree races, my stake were negligible when compared to the market volumes, however saying that I didn't let that put me off and still managed to get something  out of them. Although not as big as Cheltenham where I just don't bother.

I have incorporated a couple of screen shots of the races I have traded and you can see from the hedged amounts that I am still averaging around £1 per race, I want to take it further but I'm not rushing myself and I'm content with the returns at present, I have made many mistakes before and there well documented. So having a plan and sticking to it is key. You can see from the meetings today that there was shed load of races today, but I have just had a look over my P+L from betfair and I traded 15 races and made £13. I know that there was opportunities to make more money but this leads me to where my mental approach has gone in terms of development and one which I am proud to say that I stopped early to take stock.

I would like to that most of this mental improvement has come from Matt Finnigan, who is a Pro sports trader with a weekly podcast- awesome stuff.

Grand National tomorrow, I haven't picked a horse to bet on as yet, but I have been lucky to have the first two in the betting in the works sweep stake.

Like I said the other day is once the National has been run it leads us in to night racing nearly every night of the week and gives us all a great chance of learning something and making a profit, so go for it, make a plan and go for it.

Good Luck

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Trading the Night away

If I've read the BHA Calendar correctly, then by this time next week we should be having evening racing every night throughout the 'Summer', good people like me who also a full time job it allows plenty of opportunities to have a blast at sports trading and doesn't mean anyone has to rush home and try and trade the 3-4 races, much like I have been doing for the last few months, so as they say 'make hay while the sun shines'.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Aintree Week

Betfred Horse Racingtotesport.comI know nothing about horse racing form betting, I don't mind trading but out right betting isn't for me, but when it comes to the Grand national, everyone know best eh, well when I was at the Betfair education event, I did manage to pick one tip and its to not bother with the first six horses in the betting, as according to my man's form book none of these horses fit the profile of a national winner based on data going back to 1992.

To help you along the way here are a few good freebies to go with them, and if you don't fancy the gambling route, lay them off on Betfair and get the bonus as free cash.

Monday, 9 April 2012

To be a Horse Race Trader

Just settling down to do some trading on this afternoons race on betfair with the geeks toy, and I have counted up the races and there are over forty races in GB today and more sixty available to trade if you try your hand at the Irish ones too. Now for me I would be content with making £1 a race, that would be a result but there will be some pro's out there coining it in big time- goodluck to them and we will get there one day. But whilst we are waiting and trying to learn the ropes, why not take some advice from Robbo at the Trading football team, I know I said football but they have recently branched out and the new team is member is going great, why check him out!
Plus you get a 14 days free trial and access to the chatrooms with pro traders on hand to give you advice if and when you need it.

What are you waiting for.

trading horses

How to get the most out of the betdaq free bet

So Man Utd went and won yesterday, so anybody who followed the previous post to earn themselves a free bet, should do the following as we have a free £25 SNR (stake not returned) bet and you can see from the example below it is not normally possible to recover the whole £25 as obviously the stake isn't returned, but the higher the odds you use the more you be able to keep, eg-

  • Odds of around 2.0 you would approx 45% of free bet,
  • Odds of around 3.0 you would approx 55% of free bet,
  • Odds of around 4.0 you would approx 65% of free bet.
And the game I have chosen is Fulham v Chelsea and will be backing fulham @ Betdaq and laying them @ Betfair.

Free bet summary is as follows-

click on picture to enlarge

So Free Back Bet at Betdaq-
  • Back Stake £25 (Free Bet)
  • Back profit £61.25 -minus 3% commission= £59.41

Lay Bet at Betfair-
  • Lay Stake £16.98
  • Lay liabiltity £43.29

So from above figures if Fulham win we make £59.41- £43.29= £16.13
and if Fulham don't win our lay bet will return  £16.13 after commission at Betfair.

In total we have retained 63% of free bet, takeaway the 54p to get get the free bet initially and we have around 58% for a nothing.

You will need to have £43.29 in you betfair account

Anyone who needs assistance as with how to complete this offer any other offers you see around the site, please comment below, tweet me @newsportstrader or through Facebook page.


Saturday, 7 April 2012

How to make money on the betting exchanges

If we go right back to basics and cut out any gambling here and approach our trading bank building process in another way, a way of 'Matched Betting'-

Matched betting, or back and lay bet matching, is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance. A typical return for a matched bet where the stake is returned is 85%+ of the free bet offer amount, and 70%+ where the stake is not returned.

To put that into everyday speak, we are going to place bet - both back and lay bet to cover the outcomes of an event to return our original stake, sometimes for a small lose depending on odds or even a small profit or scratch, however once we have placed the bets and the markets have settled the bookmaker will now load our bonus into our betting accounts, these bets can be stake returned or SR, or can be stake not returned or SNR. As stated above the type of bonus bet will affect the amount of bonus you will be able to bag.

Below is a real time example and one you can even go and use yourself, the first bonuses will be from Betfair (No risk bet, ie you get your money back if your bet loses) and Betdaq (which is an SNR bonus bet) beware that each individual betting and exchange and bookmaker will have specific odds at which bets must be placed, at Betdaq it is 1.5.

I have picked out the Man Utd v QPR game for Sunday using the Match Odds market as the loss is so small.

Below is a picture explaining the two bets required to be placed at each Betting Exchange-

Click on the picture to enlarge

As you can see our initial back bet at Betdaq is-
  • Back Stake £25
  • Back profit £4.75
  • Back loss £25
Our second bet at Betfair is as follows -
  • Lay Stake £25.75
  • Lay profit £24.46
  • Lay loss £5.15
In summary we have worked a position where we can guarantee a free bet of £25 at Betdaq for a £0.54 loss on any outcome and if Man Utd don't win then we will have further £25 because of their no risk bet offer. To place both of these bets we only need a bank of £30.22 to start of on our matched betting journey, as you can see we could of nearly doubled our bank or even tripled it by the end of the bank holiday weekend.

Good luck

If your a newbie this will definitely help you grow your bank over the next few week, tomorrow I will document how to use the bonus and explain why its best for the outcomes to lose at Betfair

Scoop6 07 April 2012

Scoop6 news- No winners last Saturday so the win fund will start with a rollover @£59k and the bonus fund is near £600k, so combined with today's prize the winner could easily be picking £3/4 MILLION. good luck.

If you've never tried Scoop6 before then let me explain- Scoop6 is a totepool bet which gives you the chance of winning a fortune for £2 stake, you need to pick 6 winners from 6 races which are normally broadcast on Channel 4 but sometimes on BBC also.

In addition Totesport are also offering a free bet offer see below-

Friday, 6 April 2012

Notes for a System of Betting

Betting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a Mouse With the racing market on hold for Good Friday it gives us a chance to get involved in football markets and expand your knowledge and skill in how to trade football, however if you dont know your unders from your BTTS, MO or CS, worry not help is at hand as you could be learn trading skills on football with grand names such as the world famous AA or LTD with a metaltone to go with it. I have got betting system notes loaded up in an TAB and the software is returning 39 matches in the next 24 hours each with a perfect strategy to go with it, perfectly explained in an online folder and with help and guidance you will soon be trading away on football matches making a profit each day.


  • Real time MARKET MATCHER software which searches BETFAIR and selects matches and which strategy to use on each match.
  • Online notebook with systems and strategies at your fingertips.
  • 14 strategies laid out with accompanying notes.
  • Free bets and tips.
  • Lifetime access- including any updates.
  • Bonus videos to give you guidance on how to use these strategies on the betting exchanges
Betting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a Mouse

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Not what I thought

Just a quick observation on the state of horse racing tonight, poor show with only evening meeting from Ireland on, I was going to start the Easter weekend off with a good addition of percentages to my bankroll, but the sports calendar for the next few days and premier league football everyday, so whether your scalping, swinging, trading, betting or just punting we have every chance of making a few quid. Keep the mind right follow the plan and the money will follow.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

free bet

How about a £20 free bet from Betfair 

Back to the winners market

With Man Utd winning last night at Blackburn and City stumbling to a draw again for the second game on the bounce. The premier league winners market has now taken a definite turn with Man Utd now at 1.16 to back and City all the way out to 7's I have laid Utd for a couple of quid using some previous earnt green on that market, I have the view that I don't mind if I have to take the lower green or if Utd do slip up and make up some ground I will Utd for the same amount I laid them for will treat it as a simple trade and try learn something but for a more detailed view, take a look at this article I found from Matt Finnigans site it's a good read and more explanation than I could offer.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


In a devastating blow to the sports trading community, Betfair have announced from today users will only be permitted to place bets on only one 'side' of the market, preventing users from trading out. Gutted!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: 1242 Obviously an April fool