Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Olympics pfft its all about the Jubilee

I took the day off work today to catch up on some college work, however I gave up once the racing had started and opted for some horse race scalping, and come the 1445 race, I haven't wrote the track name down but the horse was called Jubilee games and it forms a turning point in my trading, the reason being is that I have always traded along the lines of badgers videos, where its like a three sided see-saw and if one goes down then one of the other ladders must go up, but today instead just trading the upwards moving ladder I also traded downwards, I took on board a bit info that I'd learn't from Matt Finnigan's podcasts, where he tells us if the horse isn't going one way then it must going the other, its a 50/50 shot, after a getting few scalps in the bag I had built a buffer where the scalp could go wrong and I was still in profit, this made a more relaxed scalper out of me and resulted in a good profit for me.
 Excellent lesson learn't today.

Daily profit £19.12 with evening races to go but will jack it in shortly as I want to watch the Champions League lesson for Chelsea

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