Monday, 9 April 2012

How to get the most out of the betdaq free bet

So Man Utd went and won yesterday, so anybody who followed the previous post to earn themselves a free bet, should do the following as we have a free £25 SNR (stake not returned) bet and you can see from the example below it is not normally possible to recover the whole £25 as obviously the stake isn't returned, but the higher the odds you use the more you be able to keep, eg-

  • Odds of around 2.0 you would approx 45% of free bet,
  • Odds of around 3.0 you would approx 55% of free bet,
  • Odds of around 4.0 you would approx 65% of free bet.
And the game I have chosen is Fulham v Chelsea and will be backing fulham @ Betdaq and laying them @ Betfair.

Free bet summary is as follows-

click on picture to enlarge

So Free Back Bet at Betdaq-
  • Back Stake £25 (Free Bet)
  • Back profit £61.25 -minus 3% commission= £59.41

Lay Bet at Betfair-
  • Lay Stake £16.98
  • Lay liabiltity £43.29

So from above figures if Fulham win we make £59.41- £43.29= £16.13
and if Fulham don't win our lay bet will return  £16.13 after commission at Betfair.

In total we have retained 63% of free bet, takeaway the 54p to get get the free bet initially and we have around 58% for a nothing.

You will need to have £43.29 in you betfair account

Anyone who needs assistance as with how to complete this offer any other offers you see around the site, please comment below, tweet me @newsportstrader or through Facebook page.


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