Thursday, 30 June 2011

Daily Trader

Just signed up to the Daily trader from Centaur academy, will let you know how it goes, I will update every few days to keep you posted but not too often but more often than Jack Birkhead LOL.
Not sure on staking plans, strategies Etc just yet but lets see how it goes,

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Run for the hills

Why is everyone scampering for the quickist way out of betfair to trade at another exchange, we all know for sure there will a toys out of the cot for a couple of weeks, the dust will settle and everyone(under £250k profit) will carry on normal, so to me its like a load of hot air- get over it

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Monday, 13 June 2011

Jensen Button

Jensen,Jensen,Jensen, how amazing was the F1 yesterday, great race to watch, even if it did drag on during the rainy periods, really impressed with Jensen's performance yesterday it just highlights that we should never give up on winning, the determination shown by him is incredible from last to first, positive thinking from him in a big way. Even if Vettel hadn't run wide I believe Button would have over taken him going into the last chicane as he would of had DRS available, even so it was brilliant to see his fightback, picking off Webber, Schumacher and then ultimately the championship leader. Really admire his mindset and the way he kept going with 5 pit stops and a drive through penalty, just goes to show if you can keep your head who know what is possible, lets see if I can transfer something similar into my trading

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Taking advice

After a long time 'learning' the fundamentals of betfair trading, I can say that if I had listened to people a bit wiser and more experienced at this than myself, I would be a bit further on in my career as a sports trader, I remember posting on a forum saying if I made 1% of my bank per race I could be a millionaire by Christmas- mathematically yes that would have been true, but would the markets have been able to take my bets at £50000 a time, I don't think so, more importantly would I have been able to accept that when it goes wrong and you have to red up for a £2000 loss, again I don't think so.
What I am trying to say to any wannabe sports traders out there (me included) listen to the advice that's being offered, most of the time you can find it for free- other blogs, face groups, twitter, forums, youtube the list goes on. At the moment I am especially enjoying listening to Jack Birkhead every other day speaking about trading from his point of view, i understand that he is trying to get us on board to join his STJ site, and why not, he must be doing something right with so many members and I particularly liked the interview with chuck from trading the exchange for £28k in 2011 nice insight in his trading practices also. The main that comes across is that trading is all to do with the mind, get this bit right and we wont go far wrong. Good luck......

Monday, 6 June 2011

Development of the mind

This is my latest reading in trying to develop my mind, the thinking it creates in your mind are amazing- Secrets of the millionaire mind, the book is full little bits and bobs designed to give you belief that you can be rich too.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Deal or no deal

Trading on betfair brings us many ups and downs, as does life in general, recently I have been reading a few self help/ personal development books, and I can safely say that I feel empowered from reading them, the glass is now more than half full for sure, you may even say it was overflowing- sometimes.

Trading is going well, I have realised that my forecasts for my bank size for this year are totally unacceptable and I am now happy and content with the consistent daily profits I managed to turn out, I have set myself a long term goal on a spreadsheet to allow me to 'focus on where I'm going'.

One quick points, Jack at STJ has started doing a video diary, every couple of days, to document how the markets are each day, I am not a subscriber of his service and I am very much looking for to see what he has to offer once the three month free journey is over. PS in his first Vid he mentions a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, think I might go and check it out.......