Sunday, 14 July 2013

Looking forward to next season?

Talk about a busy season. So much happened last season that it was almost too difficult to keep up. And then Ferguson went right at the end of it all, upsetting the apple cart. Now, we look forward to a Premier League season that could well prove to be one of the most chaotic ever. The problem? The managers.
Last season’s first, second and third place teams have all had new managers since then. Even Arsene Wenger, the King of Arsenal, is starting to get a little under the collar. There have been more than a few dissatisfied voices heard in the media, and he may well prove to be less of a golden boy than people thought he was. Incidentally, Arsene is the longest serving manager on the country.
The first big ‘problem manager’ is the once-revered Jose Mourinho of Chelsea. Roman Abramovich once fired him but he’s back now, his feet firmly under the table, and every Chelsea fan watching him with eagle eyes. To be honest, he didn’t make a good stab of Real Madrid, which is a shame, because Real are quite possibly one of the best teams in the world and it is really, really hard to imagine them falling from grace. So Jose has to step up a gear. If he manages it, it could mean a return to the limelight for Chelsea. If Jose fails, there is plenty of room at the top…
Manchester City, meanwhile, are in the most bizarre position. Their last manager was sacked but he happened to be one of the most successful in the club’s history. Go figure. This means that the new manager has a serious challenge ahead of him. There is a very good chance that it could be Manuel Pellgrini. Expectations are high at City, and it seems that the new manager (whether it is Pellegrini or not) will be expected to take the crown. This could have various implications for Premier League football. The first one is potentially quite entertaining for fans. Due to the immense pressure on the new manager, we can expect some incredible football, lots of buying and selling, and a dramatic season for City. However, it also means that we could see some major battles at the top too. Great football should ensue.
And then there is David Moyes. The great Alex Ferguson has retired, and the world mourned that (and we mean the world, because they are truly famous team) and then waited feverishly for a replacement. Moyes must be very nervous. And therein lies the problem. If he doesn’t do well, if he doesn’t gel with the players for example, we can expect a disastrous season for United. Which means more room at the top.
There is good news then. Basically, new brooms mean that there could be a major shakeup at the top of the league. If this is the case, we can expect some truly thrilling months ahead as people jostle for the top spot, even teams that you don’t normally expect to be anywhere near the top.