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Betting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a Mouse

Betting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a MouseBetting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a MouseBetting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a MouseBetting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a Mouse


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Here at we do not offer a tipping service. Rather, we provide our members training and advice on how to trade. Strategies & articles are available on this site that give detailed instructions on how we employ various techniques to trade in-play & pre match. 
The key element of this service is the chatroom. We are proud to say that in our opinion we have the most educational sports trading online environment on the net today. This is due to the consistent contributions made by the members themselves not just by the founders, The Nugget Crew. Drop in anytime to the chatroom and you will see an incredible variety of matches traded and trade proposals on offer. Whether it is our specialist in Italian Serie A or the Bundesliga there is always someone on hand to guide and support you during the in-play trades. It is the reason why we return profits month after month.
The action in the chatroom is sometimes hectic so you need to remain focused to benefit from the quality of information & advice given. There is an additional chatroom where in-play instructions are given so if the banter in the main room is too frantic then this smaller dedicated chat area is available.
In addition we now have The Nags Room which is dedicated to trading horses in-running
Take up our half price introductory offer to see how it all works. We guarantee you will be impressed - and in profit!

Each game has a Draw Inflation % which is based on Home Supremacy and Total Goals.
Our software gives us a reasonable range of anything from minus to 30% which for some games allows us to enter the Match Odds and Over/Under 2.5 markets and capitalise.
This market is the most liquid of any markets so your trades will be taken quicker, plus there will be plenty of games to trade and to profit from.
By following the DI tool you will be able to profit in the Match Odds market before kick off. So you can sit back and enjoy the game knowing your profits are locked in.

Betting Angels

Bet Angel's primary objective is to give you the best possible chance of making your trading or betting pay!  Bet Angel is software that sits between you and the betting exchange and it allows you to interact with the betting exchange in ways you perhaps wouldn't have considered possible. Not only does it contain very advanced, state of the art, trading tools; but a suite of advanced betting tools as well. Whatever you want to do Bet Angel can probably do it!

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Join the betfair casino and get £200 free

The basics of trading sports

I wrote this article for
When I started trading on betfair it looked so easy, so easy that I want big returns straight away and I started making money and subsequently losing it nearly instantly through greed, I have been through many boom and bust cycles with my betting bankroll . So I decided that the only way I was ever going to crack it, was to breakdown the amount I would like to make per month, per day and finally per race. At the moment I am still in bankroll building mode and I am compounding the daily interest on my bank to help it grow quicker.
I set myself a target of 5% increase in my betting bank per day and typically with twenty one races per day this breaks down to a figure of just under 0.24% of my total bank. 0.24% does not seem like an incredible amount and really it isn't, its quite achievable within one or two scalp trades( a scalp trade is a lay bet followed quickly by a back bet or vice versa)and finally a further lay bet to equalise the profit over every horse so I win no matter what the result, all of this is before the race starts and normally within the last ten minutes before it starts.
Now one thing to make you aware of is that I know nothing about horse racing, I know the terms used - distance, form, going and handicap etc. but don't know how there are used and the best bit is I don't need to, because all we are looking for is a gap in the market and being able to sport which direction the odds are moving- whether they are going out (drifting) or coming in (steaming).
This is a technique I use daily

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