Sunday, 4 December 2011

Daily Motivation Vs Long Term Goals

At the moment I have the opportunity to trade for 4 days a week, I am now back to where I was in the summer, my thought process at the moment makes me think about where I want to take my trading and the opportunities, in the past I was able to make a few pounds per day,  then even the cost of a few pints, forward to now and I am consistently making £25 per day, which when applied to the horse race markets it equals around £1.20 per race. I am stuck between bank growth and instant reward and I know this is a measure of the two, so drip feeding profits into my bank account will satisfy my short term rewards and leaving a little behind in betfair will allow my trading bank to grow and eventually get to where we all would like ours to be.....massive.

So keep calm and carry on and we will get there in the end,as we are not in a rush and remember its a marathon not a sprint. Just for any newbies out there- dont compare yourself to anyone, with the mind of "Well they make £100 a day and so will I", just learn and concentrate and you will do it.