Sunday, 12 June 2011

Taking advice

After a long time 'learning' the fundamentals of betfair trading, I can say that if I had listened to people a bit wiser and more experienced at this than myself, I would be a bit further on in my career as a sports trader, I remember posting on a forum saying if I made 1% of my bank per race I could be a millionaire by Christmas- mathematically yes that would have been true, but would the markets have been able to take my bets at £50000 a time, I don't think so, more importantly would I have been able to accept that when it goes wrong and you have to red up for a £2000 loss, again I don't think so.
What I am trying to say to any wannabe sports traders out there (me included) listen to the advice that's being offered, most of the time you can find it for free- other blogs, face groups, twitter, forums, youtube the list goes on. At the moment I am especially enjoying listening to Jack Birkhead every other day speaking about trading from his point of view, i understand that he is trying to get us on board to join his STJ site, and why not, he must be doing something right with so many members and I particularly liked the interview with chuck from trading the exchange for £28k in 2011 nice insight in his trading practices also. The main that comes across is that trading is all to do with the mind, get this bit right and we wont go far wrong. Good luck......

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