Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Run for the hills

Why is everyone scampering for the quickist way out of betfair to trade at another exchange, we all know for sure there will a toys out of the cot for a couple of weeks, the dust will settle and everyone(under £250k profit) will carry on normal, so to me its like a load of hot air- get over it


  1. I think you need to go back and read your post from the 12th June again.

  2. Some of us are over or close to the 'finishing line', and the incentive to make continued profits on Betfair is somewhat diminished. It's also likely that the finishing line will be moved to an even lower value in due course. They are trying it out at the 250k level first. Betfair have serious problems, so best to start planning for the future now rather than later.

  3. Mark- your spot on, I am only a junior sports trader and sometimes need guidance.

    Casini- I expect they will 'adjust' it in the future until it affects nearly everyone using betfair, but for the time being, me and many others who are trying to be a sports trader wont have to worry about the current threshold, when we get to the limit or the limit comes to us is a different matter


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