Sunday, 22 April 2012

Decisions. Decisions

Too much choice of sport today, Football or F1 and the Marathon has been on already this morning, but to be honest I think anyone watching the Grand Prix is surely going to be left with blood on their TV remotes as we are only endorsing the issues going on in Bahrain, saying that I don't remember anybody speaking in relation to Chinas human rights record last week when it was in Shanghai, so each to their own.

Man Utd could virtually seal the League to day if they win and  City Fail to do so, as I dont think we'll see Man Utd drop many more points, except I dont really see them getting a result the 'PrettySad' stadium next week, but thats why we play a league but saying that we beat them in the FA Cup aswell. May try and squeeze in a few horse races just to keep the bank roll- rolling along. Until next time, see ya.

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