Friday, 6 April 2012

Notes for a System of Betting

Betting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a Mouse With the racing market on hold for Good Friday it gives us a chance to get involved in football markets and expand your knowledge and skill in how to trade football, however if you dont know your unders from your BTTS, MO or CS, worry not help is at hand as you could be learn trading skills on football with grand names such as the world famous AA or LTD with a metaltone to go with it. I have got betting system notes loaded up in an TAB and the software is returning 39 matches in the next 24 hours each with a perfect strategy to go with it, perfectly explained in an online folder and with help and guidance you will soon be trading away on football matches making a profit each day.


  • Real time MARKET MATCHER software which searches BETFAIR and selects matches and which strategy to use on each match.
  • Online notebook with systems and strategies at your fingertips.
  • 14 strategies laid out with accompanying notes.
  • Free bets and tips.
  • Lifetime access- including any updates.
  • Bonus videos to give you guidance on how to use these strategies on the betting exchanges
Betting System Notes - Strategies at the Click of a Mouse

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