Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Back to the winners market

With Man Utd winning last night at Blackburn and City stumbling to a draw again for the second game on the bounce. The premier league winners market has now taken a definite turn with Man Utd now at 1.16 to back and City all the way out to 7's I have laid Utd for a couple of quid using some previous earnt green on that market, I have the view that I don't mind if I have to take the lower green or if Utd do slip up and make up some ground I will Utd for the same amount I laid them for will treat it as a simple trade and try learn something but for a more detailed view, take a look at this article I found from Matt Finnigans site http://www.protradertip.com/category/betfair-trading/soccer-betfair-trading/ it's a good read and more explanation than I could offer.

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