Monday, 21 November 2011

Good weekends trading- x factor style

Yeah traded good style this weekend, traded the horses as usual and also some football, but a special bonus of £7 came from trading X factor back and laying through the odds as each act performed so will  have that when it finishes, but most of all it was the £87 across three days that has spurred me on now back to where I was in the summer, when I was able to make £100 per week. Happy days as they say.

My Chelsea v Liverpool trade was on CS, so I scalped the 0-0 pre KO and had £50 on 0-0, I then backed 2-1    1-1 1-2 2-2 for £5 each and soon as the first goal went in I greened up for £12 on any score, but then layed 0-1 to £0 and that up my profit by a few quid, at 1-1 I layed it late on just before the goal for me to finish with £19 on  any score but layed 1-2 after Glen Johnson scored for £10 at 1.2 so ended on £17 green, very happy with not much effort.

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