Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Missed the boat

Last night I was watching the Manchester Derby with a view to trading the outright Premier League winners market as soon as a goal went in either way, as I have been studying this market for a few weeks/months and knew how it would of reacted, I picked this market as it wasn't going to suspend when a goal was scored, my plan was this, I was going to back or lay Man Utd when a goal was score as there price was at 1.53 and as it went Man city scored and I placed a lay of £250 as Kompany's header was still going into the goal and by the time the bet entered the market the odds were already out to 2.02 and drifting, obviously my pictures aren't as fast as others and I was only about three miles from the ground, I would of greened up the book straight away and I would of had around £150 green book as the market settled at around 2.9-3 , still its a good lesson learnt and something I definitely can take into next season and probably use in others sports. Instead I have got £1.40 from an experiment I tried earlier in the season.

Still onwards an upwards, great to see the weather has taken a back seat tonight and let the evening racing get going, some good profits of £2-3 a race, now they do add up quick.

Another side note here is I hope the people who layed Redknapp at 1.2 do feel to bad, but on the flip side you've got to be happy with the outcome if you layed Harry.

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