Monday, 15 April 2013

Right fellow bettors...You need to know 

Right fellow bettors...You need to know I'm not here to sugarcoat anything and I can only be honest.This is the gods honest truth about betting... so be WARNED.I’ve seen countless betting systems and selection services crumble punters banks......quicker than you can say “where’s my refund…?!” Trust me... You’re NOT alone.In fact… roughly 93% of punters never see a sustainable return.Does that make you feel better about your losses?I didn’t think so... you want money from betting, and I’m here to give you just that.What you’re about to witness is a truly unique automated selection service......that doesn't just provide favourites… or solely focus on long shots with ridiculous odds.Instead this supplies a steady stream of HIGH VALUE winners across a range of odds.Isn’t it time you looked at alternatives… after all the 7% who actually generate some kind of sustainable wealth from betting don’t rely solely on opinions.Do you want to really want let someone tell you what they "think" is a winning formula,,,or have an advanced 21st Century Software find the numbers and tell you what it "KNOWS" is a winning formula?My guess is you don't want to rely on an opinion, you want to know what the FACTSare!Underneath as an introduction of a system based on the cold hard FACTS...Assisted by the guidance of a team of pro-punters to help finalise bets.Whilst some selection services use the more common variables to predict races they often miss a whole myriad of other key elements and fail to find real VALUE selections.That's why over 6 years and...You Have The Opportunity To Finally...Appreciate a truly explosive horse racing selection service that delivers at least one single high value tip per day on autopilot.Receive The Automated Punter for a shockingly cheap one time payment of just £19.95 and will NOT be charged on a monthly basis!Avoid Risk! With a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee you can examine the "Automated Punter" Selection service and see how profitable it is with my own eyes before commiting to this long term.This is the secret weapon to Automated Punter!Forget opinions... invest in a software that has over £50,000 woerth of software development behind it, rather than relying on just brainpower.We don't miss a trick and it's not just form that goes into our picks...We include tons of variables like; Race Length History of the track Current trainers  Turf types Number of runners  The weather  Race timeLet me break it down into bite size chunks, then you’ll completely understand why this has to be the best investment you’ll make all year.Firstly the software is programmed to take into account every race for that day and isolate the races which historically tell us are more biased towards the bookmakers.To find these “DEAD RACES”… would be impossible without the Automated Punters incredible software.This is a slow methodical formula that would take hours for any one individual to complete.Fortunately through the sports stat tracking software of the century ran through it's highly "ProStat Engine" our "Automated Punter Software" calculates over 570+ variables cross references in less than 10 seconds.Click Here!

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