Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bouncing back with a BANG

Hi, Anybody out there, its been so long since I updated this blog, you could say my blogging discipline is worse than my trading discipline ever was. Not that I've been trading at all recently, but with the amount of football on TV these days maybe I should be. At the time of writing, I have the Villa v Man City game on, its HT and still 0-0 can't decide which pundit I like the least out of Quinn or Carragher, both annoying for their own reasons, neither have let go of their old clubs and don't compete when it comes to Neville's insight and impartialness (not sure thats a word) even though he was a Utd man, he seems to have stopped ramming it down your throat.

Anyway as its 0-0 and if Man City fail to win, have a look at the odds on Chelsea shorten as they seem to be running away with it.

Anyway good luck with your gambling/betting/trading and I promise I wont leave it so long until next post updates......

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