Friday, 5 August 2011

14 days of free trading

With the start of the new football now upon us Centaur academy are offering a 14 day free trial of the daily trader, to allow you to make money for free, I made a good some last month from this service, many sports are offered each day, so you can make use of them all or pick and choose sports that you trade or want to get better at, you get a full break down of why the trade is worth taking on, full break down of entry and exit points and if you sign up now it'll be in your inbox for 11 am tomorrow morning, why not, go for it. On top of that they also have a free football webinar coming up on Wednesday 10th August even if you cant attend online, if sign up beforehand they will send you a link covering the seminar for free. Finally if you need to work on your Horse Race trading, drop me a message in the comments box with your email, don't worry I wont publish it but I can get you a fantastic offer on the horse trading course, good luck and happy trading.

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