Wednesday, 3 August 2011

pass me my trumpet

I did say quite some time back that I didn't want to make this a 'post your profits' type of blog, but I would like to show this as more of an inspiration to other wannabe traders that YOU can do it, if you keep at it, if you go back through my blog there are posts where I have been winning 30p or 48p or similar per race, but this is astronomical, I don't win £11+ in every race but I am now convincingly winning over £2 a race now, I have let my bank grow a bit but also I have been taking out the profits to feel some reward for my efforts, so to recap in a short space of time I have really turned it around and if I can do it, you can do it, good luck.


  1. Beaware as this guy have you on his blog list but he is actually a cheater , he posts fake results which are actually losing ones but he post it as been profitable ! As people register to his FREE TIPS.. email will be full of betting advertising !

  2. In the interests of freedom of speech I have published the above comment, if any believes otherwise they are also welcome to comment and put their opinion forward


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