Friday, 29 July 2011

Just not cricket

Having made about 1% of my bank on the previous test match between England and India I decided to continue where I left off, I layed India at the start of the game and greened up by just after my lunch for about £6 any outcome, I thought brilliant India just haven't got it in them them and put in a cheeky £4 lay to green up when the odds doubled up to about 8-9s, never happened cos England have collapsed and having backed and layed over £2700 I am left with £1.54 on any result, you must admit that that just takes the piss, I should have stayed with my green of £6 and left it at that until it rolled into my bank on Tuesday when it finished. Oh well that's greed for you.

Back on to the horse racing, I just want to try and explain something that is making me shift my approach to trading opportunities, when we all star out in the beginning our stakes are small and don't affect the market, but now that my stakes are increasing, when I find a gap in the market say nothing at 6.8 and same at 7.0 if I put my £25 in in its looks a lot bigger in the market and find people either going in front of it or when it does get matched it creates a negative pressure and send the market the opposite way to where my tick offset is and have to scratch/take a loss/ be more selective and try to scalp the market when I can see direction or when its nicely built up nearer to the start of the race.

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