Thursday, 21 July 2011

Public service announcement

I have just received the following message as a comment on this blog, I have posted it as obviously it is a scam and I wanted to warn anyone against contacting this person if they have been sent anything similar, I have blurred out the email address for security reasons-

'Hello, i am betfair full-time trader since 4 years and since short time i started to trade for customers with a ROI of 35% per month on average. If you are interested to join me or share trading views dont hesitate add me in msn ************** or mail me in that adress. I am at present developing an application for Smartphone to bet on tennis matches In Play since the stands of a stage(stadium), taking advantage to see the point marked directly(live) with regard to the traders who have to wait for the TV flow or the stake has in the daytime of the scoreboard on internet (delays of several seconds.) This kind of trading is called of the courtside trading. good luck'

Also the email is from France and isn't betfair banned there? So even suspect if you ask me.

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