Thursday, 14 July 2011

Significant figures

My betfair bank is now at a level where I cannot just re-deposit some extra cash to top it up, if I lost my mind one day and decided upon gambling it away in play then I would be F!"£$D big style as it would be a long way back. But on the opposite side it is also at the level where I can consistently pull in at least £1 per race sometimes up to £3 and this is where I get the title from as I truly believe, that like all newbies want a substantial enough bank to make it feel like its worth while trading. It just took me a very long time to realise this and I can call on quite a few well known traders out there to use a few quotes-

Tradeshark "The best way to grow your bank is to grow it slowly"

The Badger "Increase your bank by 3% per day and you'll double it in less than month"

There are probably a lot more that I have read from around the forums, other blogs and videos from youtube.

I know trading isn't easy, as each and every race is different and brings its own challenges, I am beginning to 'learn' how to face and over come these obstacles, e.g don't get involved in an Irish with 10 mins left not you'll end up on the wrong side of big swing. I know for sure that with confidence comes complacency and it feels like a fine line between them both sometimes, but I sure as hell can't wait for the start of the new football season and seriously wish I had started learning about cricket a bit earlier, but still good advice from the daily trader email from centaur last week and also over last weekend- spot on with trades.

Think I am going to leave it there as its getting late and got to get up for my 'normal' job in the morning.

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