Saturday, 9 July 2011

Still got to go out after all that

Been sat here for the last few hours trading, feeling rough from last night and I now feel absolutely shattered after keep my attention for so long, but that is my only complaint as I have made a good profit on the horse racing this afternoon, my thoughts of trading on a Saturday have changed recently, as I now appreciate that I can scalp a race every five minutes and turn out a good green book. A side from that I have a 2% of bank profit on either result in the Eng v Sri Lanka, my only let down today was a loss in a football match trying to trade the u2.5- starting odds 1.75 so I backed it with a view to lay off at 1.1ish and the lowest it ever got was around the 1.40 mark and the game ended with 4 goals being scored, still I am only using minimum stakes for the time being.

My focussed has altered a bit, a lot I should say as I think finally I can see in my mind that rather than goes inplay to make 50p and risk £40 to it, its easier to red up for a loss and move onto the next race, I know I could be making more per race but for the time being I am happy with £1 a race average over the last few weeks, I have got my betfair bank up to the highest its ever been, so like I said I am a bit more eager to protect it and not do silly things to risk it, clearly I have not 'made it' yet as a sports trader but instead of comparing myself to anyone else I am content with the growth I have achieved both mentally and in terms of my Betfair balance. Patience is the key, along with discipline and more patience and more discipline, so try and keep at it if you've just started out.

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