Sunday, 17 April 2011

Little and not very often

From now on I will be trying to increase my trading account slowly and in small amounts, I find myself drawn to be outdoors when the weather is nice, so I don't really plan to be trying to make the big time in trading for a while yet, I know people will say you should be making hay while the sunshine and banking the profit when you can, but that's it you see when the sun is shinning who wants to be trading anyway, I mean come the autumn it will be different and I will have a several hundred pounds trading account even if I increased at 1% per day.

On another note, Man Utd were unlucky to lose yesterday and we didn't play our best, they beat us so never mind we carry on, I wish I hadn't drank so much as I did, still feel rough and its nearly 8 at night now.

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