Monday, 25 April 2011

Practice what you preach(or blog in this case)

Since last week I have been up a bit and down a lot, well more than a lot, like the title reads I wish I could stick to my plan a little more often and try and bring a profit and KEEP it in my trading account for more than a few hours or days before I seem to want to give it back through betfair, since my latest stumble I have been stopping once I have made my 3% target for the day, although I have only traded 4 out of the last 7 days due to the weather being so nice, but for now it seems like we are back to good old English weather, so I will come back to the PC a bit more often I think and keep going at those 3%'s, must say some excellent reading around on blog and forums about learning how to realise your goals and what you can do to achieve it. Its all about opening the mind and training it to react without thinking and to be able to do it subconsciously although some of my trading I could be unconscious.

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