Saturday, 30 April 2011


That's it we've come to the End Of The Month Update, still plugging away at trading I still haven't made a fortune but I seem to have learn't so much more from a mental POV this month, especially with not trying to over trade and make barrow load of money on each race, the idea is for the long term- yes it is.
So still compounding my profits slowly but surely they are building up, recently I had set myself a small target per day to try and achieve, but today the house was quiet and I wasn't particularly too tired so I just kept plugging away for an hour or so and then took a short break, the thing is I then look back over my P+L from betfair for today and I traded forty yes 4 0 races today, didn't feel like that at all, but I made £10.54 in total, not a world beater but personally very impressed I was able to hold my concentration for so long without F!"£$%G Up , so big pat on my back.

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