Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Confidence is growing

Yep confidence is growing, along with my bank and I am starting to get the 'feel' for it I think, I am being more selective with my trading opportunities and making better choices about when to enter the market. If I look back over my posts and see that I was finding it difficult to maintain my enthusiasm to trade at £2 stakes and earn between 3-5p per race, that was a test of my determination and so far I am persevering well. My stake is currently set to 10% of my trading bank and I have be aiming for around 5% a day, but I have been far exceeding this and making 10% as I felt comfortable in the trading environment. If and it is only an if, I can maintain the same progress I should have a balance of around £100 by the end of the weekend, from then on I will keep my unit stake at £10 until I reach £200, so lets see how we.

Quick note to add to this- Although I am happy with my progress recently it still sometimes feels like I am only one trade away from blowing it all, and requires maximum concentration at the moment, I am hoping that as my experiences grow with the higher bank level this feeling will subside and I will have the self belief  to match my confidence and not become complacent, anyway whatever happens I will blog it down as a post on here.


  1. HI Steve

    Im in similar position to you as starting with small bank and trying to reach a considerable sum. Ive started with football tennis. Choosing a handful of football matches for the LTD technique so far going ok cant let them run too long as can wipe out a good days profit with 1 bad result.
    Also tennis is quite good if you back the server normally can pick up a few ticks each service game.
    How do you go about selecting your horses and trading on them?


  2. Hi James,
    I really have no set criteria for trading horses, this is what I have picked up from blogs and forums etc. Basically it is all about price movement and looking for gaps in the ladders. Hope this is ok or did you want the method as well, let me know and I'll stick that up on here


  3. Hi Steve,
    I am a complete newbie to BetFair Trading so please excuse the dumb question. Can you please tell me what LTD stands for and what the LTD technique is?
    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Nile,
    LTD is a football trading strategy of lay the draw,


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