Saturday, 21 May 2011

Looking to the future

Well this is it where do I go from here, trading is continuing nicely but I was beginning to get a bit bored of posting day after day I made this or I made that, so from now on this blog will no longer be about my profit and loss, as I am not sure it actually has any value,other than  looking at someone else's profit.

So where am I up to, first point sorry for the lack of updates in the past week or so,not really had much to say if you take into account what I said in the previous paragraph, but anyway I am still focussed and still committed to making a success of it. This week I took part in an online seminar from centaur sports trading academy, I was actually really impressed with the way it was presented and what they have to offer, be it mentoring, daily trading tips, in-depth sports trading courses and further online seminars.

Looking at my own trading I still haven't managed to branch out in to any other sports yet, but something I will be researching in the next month or so,or even wait until the start of the next football and just consolidate my trading skills  on the horses instead, who knows, it may even have to take a seat on the back burner as I have an interview next week for new job, its only a couple of months long contract before I go to college full-time (well two days a week)but thats what they call it.

Happy trading

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