Friday, 6 May 2011

Positive thinking

Positive thinking today has brought me my biggest ever total in one day of trading, I am aware of the fact that I am still beginning this long journey, but I made two days profit in one day I split my day into two sessions, before tea (day races) and after (evening races), I only scalp one tick offset at the moment and I can safe that the markets move slower in the day and more erratic at night, trading with a stake equal to 10% of my bank I have been trying to make two scalps per race to make a decent return through the day, on many races I made a lot more trades than I intended to, either by get the first one wrong and re-entering the market or by being greedy(seeking further opportunities) but the thing is is the amount I have traded in volume today, I had a brief scan over my P+L in betfair and I would estimate that I have backed and layed over two thousand pound today, that is crazy money considering when I started out this afternoon my bank was £77.20.

Apart from that I am exhausted from concentrating on the screen for the last six - seven hours on and off.

Quick note for any newbies a bit newer than me, if your looking for advice, check out the Racing Traders forum, The Geeks Toys Forum and Tradeshark  tennis forum.


  1. How much did you make in your six hours of trading?


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