Saturday, 7 January 2012

63 Bloggers Wanted

Yeah that's it guys me and you are going to start a Scoop6 Syndicate, from the online blogging world, I am volunteering to host and run it for us, I will maintain all the admin and set up arrangements with payments being made through PayPal.
The syndicate would have 64 equal shares with each share costing only £2 per week, with members being able to hold more than one share, I see this as a fantastic opportunity for all of us to get involved in. With the scoop6 requiring us to pick the winning horse from six races I feel we would benefit from having two selections in each race, that where the 64 shares comes from as there are sixtyfour combinations from our two runners in each race, selection would be made by using the information provided on the racing post website by picking the top two tipster rated horses in each race.

Mathmatically it is easier to predict the outcome of the scoop6 than it is to pick the lottery balls, so come on guys lets get involved and win some money.

Drop me a line in the comments box for further info with your email address( I promised not to publish the post to maintain your privacy) look forward to hearing from you.

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