Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ice Breaker

Clearly I am not watching that rubbish on the tv, so I've just been going through the old stuff on my pc, I came across an interesting document from the one and only Badger. The piece goes like this-
Q. Can you make £1 per race by trading horses?
A. Yes of course I can.

Q. Can you repeat that trade upto five times per race?
A. Yes why not, especially in the last ten minutes.

Q. Can you repeat that over five to six races per hour?
A. Yes again, just wait for the opportunities.

Q. Can you do it for a couple of hours each afternoon?
A. Yes, see above.

If you've got this point then you should be able to make a tidy profit each day from the horses, never mind the football, cricket, tennis and other sport that people seem to trade on betfair these days.

Question to more experienced users of betfair- When will the mindset begin to change from the joe public and trading will become the 'norm' so to speak, as even betfair now show a video of how to lock in a profit?



  1. Making £1 per race sounds easy, but if it were, we'd all be doing it. Five times a race. Five to six races per hour. For two hours per afternoon. Truth is, this is nonsense. Without an edge, you'll win some, lose some and lose overall.

  2. I know it's far from that easy , I was purely making reference to some of the material that people have when try to learn how to tackle this sports trading, nearly called it a game then but wouldn't sound like I had the right attitude, but thanks for the input appreciate it.

  3. Actually, in many ways, trading is a game. If you think of the money as points, (there's a reason why casinos give you chips to play with), with the goal to make as many points as possible, it reduces the stress, but you can only do this if the 'points' are money you can afford to lose. Play with a small % of your net worth and it's easier to make the right decisions when trading.

  4. Maybe that's why as a junior to trading I tend to try and go 'all in' a little too often. Thanks for the reply


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