Monday, 9 January 2012

Well good result Man Utd in the FA Cup yesterday, was happy with the result from a fans perspective, lots of talking points throughout the game and it carries on now even 24 hours later. The sending was a red because at the end of the day it's the refs decision you can't blame Rooney for trying to influence the official and on that point I must say had Mancini got a short memory as it was him trying to players sent of at Anfield last Tweek.
The return of Paul Scholes has been called many things from inspirational to motivational and anything in between but he didn't look his sharpest and even contributed to city's second goal, but for me it's desperation on the part of Man Utd and if I was Anderson O would be looking at myself to think how can a player who's been retired for eight months be able to get back into the before me, still that's fergies way or problem, but surely I feel Utd should be out in the summer looking to spend a lot of cash to overhaul the current squad as we as fans spend a lot of money going to games and it's just not being reinvested in the team as in years gone bye, (stop ranting).

Anyway uptake for the new syndicate I have proposed has been a bit slower than I thought, but I will make something a bit more professional than trying to run it from a blog as there are many sites out there but either too expensive, with large admin costs or pages that haven't been updated in years which suggests that they are no longer running. So interest I still there and statistically it's easier than trying to win the lottery.

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