Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day two

Day two wrap up, I actually traded the Man Utd v Liverpool match, I made £3.90 in total by trading the over2.5 , I backed it at KO and then backed it again at 3.25 which was just before the 1st goal went in, I immediately laid off to equalise the profits and then bang on HT I did a whole bank trade on the U2.5 and instantly greened up for a further profit. Horses - I didn't do that many races, 5 in total with profits ranging from £0.12 to £0.86, I know I said earlier that I would go on to trade the evening racing, but little did I know that there in fact isn't any.
No bother I will be happy with what I've got, as over the last two days my bank increases have been the equivalent of 10 days trading at 3% a targets, so I think I can see Friday, Saturday and Sundays becoming my 'banker' days. Green is green though, and three cheers for green. Just a quick pic to show that small profits soon add up.

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