Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Carling Cup

Not where the other semi is upto but whoever wins that one will be beaten by one of tonight's teams.
Really glad that Liverpool took the lead and went into win tonight, but as a united fan (from Manchester with a Manchester postcode) I find myself in a dilemma as on one hand you don't Liverpool to win a trophy and everyone celebrate with king kenny but even bigger is the fact that Man City have been knocked out of one cup already this week and I would to see them put out of this one, clear thing is that they will be ready with preprinted excuses, we haven't got x player available or it's a conspiracy or blue moon rising ang there building for the future, then one of their stupid fans will come out with a even more stupider tattoo of something they haven't won, oops this is turning into an anti city rant and u didn't intend it too just want to see them do it the hard way and know that you can't just throw £330,000,000 at it and expect instant silverware.

In the prem though where have Tottenham come from, they will play fewer games than both Manchester clubs between now and the end if the season and although the odds on betfair don't show it as yet the could become favourites by the end of January. Only time will tell....

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