Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Centaur Advanced Sports Trading Course

Centaur will revolutionise the way you approach your betting and trading on Betfair or your favourite bookmaker. Come and spend the day with their team of professional traders and analysts and be shown a myriad of techniques and trading strategies and arm yourself with the latest weapons of choice for the modern sports trader.  They will cover everything from your environment to betting banks, researching events, strategies, money management, discipline, psychology and emotions. They look at various markets on various sports and cover market behaviour and the holy grail of sports trading, how to turn a losing position into a break even or perhaps winning position.
You will be given your own workstation with live and simulated trading and plenty of opportunity to put your new found information to the test, on live events whilst being able to quiz the traders and analysts with any questions you may have.  Using the incredible Xpress trader software, you will soon be using the same tools, techniques and information as the leading professionals today.
This cutting edge browser based software will vastly improve your bet placement capability on Betfair. This feature rich application has one click bet submission, a range of tools to automate your betting and a variety of options including being able to view multiple markets at the same time, even if they are different events.
It is very user friendly and customisable and is targeted at the beginner to intermediate trader or bettor, making it extremely simple to use. All of the unnecessary bells and whistles have been eliminated to provide you with an outstanding yet powerful trading app.  It has features known in the trading world as Stop Loss, Tick Offset, Stop Entry, Lay, Back, Fill or Kill, Drip Feed and several other outstanding capabilities, including the fastest refresh speeds available on Betfair today.
It has the unique training simulator, an amazing tool for perfecting your tests, techniques and strategies without risking any of your valuable capital.
All in all, Centaur’s Advanced Sports Trading course should not be missed.

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