Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Still trading

I know its been a while, since my last update, well where am I now, the 1900 races on Betfair has just gone off and I have decided to call it a day for today, following a slightly unimpressive weekend trading I have made good progress for the long road ahead, Trading account now stands at an impressive £31.33, still reckon I can be up to £100 by the end of the month, if and when I get there I am going to start subscribing to centaurs daily trader, two reasons, one is to give me a bit extra profit and second is to open myself to other sports to see how they are traded and where to go next, as I don't see myself ever going to set the world alight by horse race trading alone, in other words try and add a least one more string to my bow.

On another point I especially like the new blog that I seen, its- and goes by the name of who wants to be a betting millionaire, going through even money bets to get to a million starting at £2, any way good luck him


  1. Hi would you mind adding my new blog to your list?

    I've added yours today. Cheers, Mark

  2. Hi Mark I have added your link to my list- goodluck


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