Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Where to go from here

I had previously said that wasn't going to update my blog until my balance was over £100, its a shame to say it but I haven't quiet managed it .....yet at the moment my trading account is £25.30 even though its been considerably higher and a lot lower than that as well since my last post about my trading account balance, either I am not cut out for it or and this is my preferable answer I am expecting too much of myself with such a small bank, I am therefore lowering my expectations and I am going think in my mind that I will be happy with whatever daily return I get, as long as its positive as the first rule of trading should be to not lose, I will have another read of Mastering Betfair: How to make serious money trading betting exchanges by Pete Nordsted to try and inspire myself, and will follow that up with a couple of psychology books to try and find my focus again, I didn't trade today and yesterday was a loser so I am going to take tomorrow off as well and will try and ease myself back into a positive daily return (is that being over confident- who knows) anyway that's a question for another day. Just a note about this post from Cassini at Green all over, saying that anyone serious about sports trading should be able to make £60 a day, well here's to hoping for that. Thanks

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