Thursday, 3 March 2011

Unexpected bonus in my trading account

At the end of the day today the power in my house tripped off, I reset it and by the time I had re-booted the PC I had £1.88 extra in my trading account, I know it could have been a whole lot worse and I could of ended up with nothing at the end of a days trading, but I will count myself lucky-this time. Of the other thirteen races I managed to chip away at the 7.5% I was aiming for by consistently bringing home the small profits and not really worrying about whether I could make my 'target' but I suppose that's a good thing as in just going along and nothing focussing on the end product until I have stopped for the day. So the balance of my trading account stands a lot closer to £20 and I am happy with that.


  1. Hi,I became interested in trading just before xmas after loosing lots by "gambling" Im doing something similar to you starting with a £100 bank and seeing how far I can get it. I would love to turn pro and have already signed up for a pro training day to improve my skills.

    Ive never had any luck with the horses so just trade football under over 2.5 on my blog whilst at the same time I have started to pick tennis up.

    I have added a link to your blog.



  2. OK Jim good luck, I have added your link




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