Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Where am I up to from the last few days trading

I thought I should bring the blog up to date as I didn't update yesterday, I am picking up the profits nicely, race after race, not making a fortune but still growing the bank, but it ain't half frustrating when my current bank is only 10% of what it was at its highest last month, but I am not going to get there by getting greedy and trying to rush thing as I will end back at square one, I find trading in the wrong frame of mind where you go inplay or take unnecessary risks a bit like snakes and ladders as in you throw threes sixes and then land on a snake and then the cycle starts again, so yeah defiantly learning to be patient and knowing when to trade or not.

 I am currently still trading today but as there are thirty minutes between the evening races I thought it best I get a blog post written, profit for last few days is £3.44 and may still add a bit more yet, although it won't be much as I think I may just finish and hopefully watch Man City get a beating, maybe just maybe the odds are wrong and the Villa can pull off win.

Keep it green

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