Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Education experience

View from the dug out

I attended a Betfair education event todayy at Old Trafford, I arrived at approx 1200 nice arrival and met the trainers, I got a coffee whilst we settled in got the formalities out of the way, quickly we was into trading and what betfair was about as there was quite a few newbies in the room, but I liked the relaxed atmosphere and found it easy to join the discussion with the instructors and the rest of the group, I did learn one thing in particular which was the 'payout' function on the betfair site, following the first session was lunch nom, nom, nom well done to Man Utd catering, then back for the second half and another chat with a full time trader, very good information and a nice insight into how he does his 'business', with time pushing on we went through some further examples on how to make money on betfair and a bit of cold trading.
A stadium tour of the Theatre of Dreams summed up the afternoon and on return to our trading room we a free bar waiting for us to the afternoons event over a cold one.

I really enjoyed the day being able to speak to with other gamblers, traders, backers, layers and a poker player as it was a good social event also, but being able to speak to the trainers at the end was also great and they were really helpful on any questions we had.

Good day out.

Look forward to the next one.

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  1. I'd be VERY careful of BF's trade out option, especially if you're trying to green or red out a correct score trade.

    First, the odds are often useless. Choose your own odds.

    Second let's say it's 0-0 and you've got a nice green on that and 1-0 0-1. Obviously you want to ensure 0-0 is green BEFORE you attack the other two! No guarantees with the BF green out.

    My advice? Forget BF and get Geeks, BA or Evo if you don't understand the maths and do it manually.


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