Monday, 5 March 2012

Staying lighter later

Getting home from work and finding that there is five races left to trade, well that's a bonus you could say, only downside was that they were 15 minutes apart but the markets weren't really that stagnant in the preceding 5 minutes before the action starts at 10 for most people, although I do find that when using such stakes as mine the don't upset the market and if you can see the market trend you can just join the ride for quite a few ticks of profit then just hedge it and your effectively up before you start that race. My bank of trading money is still leaving a bit to be desired but it is over £55 now, unlike the two times I have been trying to grow my trading bank this time I am not doing it in a hurry and I'm quiet committed to long term aspect, as in a little a time and it will get there in then, but when I get to be able to earn 1% of £10000 per day as in Pete Norsteds book 'mastering betfair' is sometime off yet.

Until next time, keep it green.

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