Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Going going gun

Really nice feedback from a post from Gundulf on his blog 'Betfair football trading- the highs and lows!', good  tohear that people have opinions on trading, as you don't really get a lot in 'normal' life as it just gets looked upon as full-on gambling. I have let trading take a back seat at the moment and I am really try to keep my expectations realistic and trade with both feet on the ground, I don't to push myself into a hole where I find myself trading in overdrive and messing up, so to that end - its a case of logging in making a moderate %age (1%ish) and then logging out and evaluating myself and how I did and felt mentally during the session and seeing if there is anything I can learn from and take to the next time I trade.
On the subject of compounding I am compounding and if and that is a big if, I will make it to the amount advised by Pete Nordsted in his book (recently re-read) of £10,000 by June 2013, I am a positive person and know this is quite achievable by following plans. So including a moderate gain each day and I will 'top up' each month with income from my other online ventures and promise myself not to'blow it' and over do it and also to withdraw an amount each month and re-invest else where away from trading to spread my portfolio so to speak. After that it is to build the balance for the future/ deposit for a house and help pay off mortgage and holidays etc.

I will obviously keep you posted along the way with both the ups and down, as you know I am open to show off both sides of trading the positives and more important the negatives to learn from.

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