Friday, 9 March 2012

First steps

I have just been reading some good guidance notes from the OU website, first steps when starting to study, but I felt that it was worth sharing as the end answer is a very similar one to trading/ well anything in life really-

Why should the first step be any harder than the other steps? Get a piece of paper and write down a few thoughts before reading any further.
Here are some answers to compare with yours.
X Before you can start you have to plan your journey, making difficult strategic decisions about how to travel and what route to take.
X You also have to make lots of routine preparations: looking up train times, making bookings, working out money arrangements, stopping the papers, packing, switching everything off and locking up the house.
X But perhaps the greatest difficulties are mental. You have to commit yourself. This is the day – there will be no more putting it off. And this is the journey, as opposed to other journeys you might have made instead. You have to let go of all other plans – of all those other things for which you could have used the time.
Even then you may take the first step with an uneasy feeling that you have forgotten something. Later, as you settle into a travel routine, you may come to see that many of your worries were unnecessary, but at that first moment you feel raw and vulnerable.

Seems that the key to all of our issues in trading and life in general is how we address them MENTALLY.

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