Sunday, 25 March 2012

Jensen apologizes

I watch the F1 this morning and again at the same time I monitored the drivers championship market, there was really any massive moves as such, but Vettel has now gone out to 4's and I know its only the second race of the season, saying that I remember that Alonso came in from 19 to around 12 at the moment, I am sure as the season develops the odds swing wont be as great but for those still in contention it will obviously mean movement in odds, I will be on the next race by scalping the above market but without hedging and just try to scalp one driver at time as I see some movement. Fantastic drive from Perez and I wouldn't want to test his or his teams integrity but why was he warned towards the end when he was only 0.6 secs behind Alonso to 'not take any risks' now by risks do they mean engine customer over taking the engine supplier? Or was I looking at it wrong?

Man City drawing saw them go out to 3's on betfair, but depending on the result at Old Trafford will see the odds go one way or another, have a look at it for your own experience as its a market that moves on goals but it wont suspend when a goal goes in.

Good luck

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