Thursday, 29 March 2012

Riding the trends

I've been thinking about trading and in particular my style -scalping that is, since the betfair education event, being able to look a bit further into a trend and trying to have a better over view than trying to back the lay price and lay the back price only to get out one tick later, or I could successfully scalp a race three times over only to find the market has moved 5-6 or more ticks in the direction I scalped and obviously I could of had a much greater profit if only I would of been a bit more aware of the situation and looked further than the end of my nose.

My own trading is taking a back seat at the moment as even though its half term at college, I have proper been bombed out with course work to get on with over Easter. That said I will try and put into practice what I have just mentioned above and will report back on my progress in due course.

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