Sunday, 11 March 2012

Something is missing

Don't know what it is at the moment and I can't put my finger on it, I seem to have lost my discipline, my drive, determination patience where trading is concerned, I feel like I am always rushing my trading bank to get it to some elusive figure that will bring a good return on my bank, I also believe I focus to much on targets, I feel like I am going through a re-learning curve because what I think or want to do before I sit down at the pc it all goes out of the window and this is the reason, why I have been yoyoing up and down around my current bank levels, story behind that is I will go several days/weeks making consistent moderate profits and then for some reason be prepared to through it all away to make an extra £1 or so. Seems strange like my bank has to end a day on a round number or if it's the last race of the day and I won't get another opportunity until the next day( sounds like a gamblers mindset).

I wont say that I have failed at sports trading but just re-evaluating the plan to one that does work for me, I have many that don't but perserverence will win in the end.

A radical change in my expectations is going to occur, a change in my focus by not looking to the next day or week.

This time next year rodders.......

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