Thursday, 9 December 2010

Going in-play is not an option

When will I ever learn, was trading really well today....until the 1745 @meydan, I thought I was unbeatabe adding up all my small little profits, before the big loss I had 5% of my bank in profit.
When I was trading the meydan race liquidity was crap, even worse than Irish races, I shouldn't have got involved and needless to say the market bombed against me and just couldn't accept the loss I was faced with, and scaled out to leave a £40 liability on a horse and +£5 on any other runners, with a view to back it in play anyway you know what happened next, and I have lost a weeks worth of profit in one race.

I seem to reach good highs and then end up not being up to it in my mind, something along the lines of I don't deserve it.

I must focus on the 50p a race issue, I know it doesn't have to be every races and trading does present lots of opportunities to trade horses, so why would I want to trade every last race that there is on betfair. Anyway all I would like is to have betfair balance up to £200 by the end of the year. there is about 20 trading days left this month so that works out at about 3.5% a day.

new balance £100- well pissed off

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